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The journey of On the Grid


When lockdown hit, the world went local, our worlds shrunk. Holidays halted and instead many started realising the beauty of the world more local to them, discovering paths never travelled despite living in areas for many years! People’s understanding of their local area expanded hugely as footpaths were trialled and mountains climbed.


On the Grid started when two remote colleagues, a designer and geographer, connected over their love of nature and exploring. Day to day at work, we explore the Earth’s surface from above through satellite imagery, scanning over landscapes at the click of a button. We started to connect these images with the landscape local to us, exploring new ways of highlighting the beauty of the natural world.


With the support from our work community, based throughout the UK and Ireland, we formed a set of map art prints highlighting the terrain of local landscapes. From mountains to rivers we wish to highlight every crevasse of our natural landscape, whether local spaces, remembering key memories and celebrating trips of lifetimes.

 “Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them.”
 - Bob Dylan  

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